Science Publisher Offers Digital Subscription to Books

Life-sciences publisher CABI is making its front-file titles (2005-2008) available through an annual digital subscription. The PDF-based collection is launching with 140 titles and CABI expects this to increase to 200 by the end of the year. Digital subscription services have already been well received in the tech and business industries: Safari Books Online is O'Reilly's third-largest reseller. (Disclosure: TOC…

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The Sensing Earth

One of my Berkeley colleagues, Brian Hamlin, recently attended the 5th International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE) and returned to lend me some very interesting speculations on data collection and presentation that are helping catalyze a few very slowly emerging thoughts. Everywhere I look in the natural sciences, there is a sudden, significant maturing of large-scale distributed science projects that…

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Nature Precedings: Early Access to Scientific Results

Timo Hannay, Nature's Director of Web Publishing, sent out the following note in email: Since you've been kind enough to express an interest in Nature web projects in the past, I thought I'd let you know about our latest baby: Nature Precedings. The traditional way for scientists to share their research results is through journals. These have the benefit of…

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