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Good Company Culture Comes in Small Packages

Small publishers' culture of experimentation-by-necessity gives them a leg up on the large publishing "dinosaurs."

Open Question: What is the Best Use for Print on Demand?

Is print on demand best suited for short print runs and Long Tail plays, or can it be used for more? Come share your thoughts on POD.

Targeting Small Companies with Small Products

Bill Taylor's short profile of 37 Signals looks at the upside of building small products for small companies: Most technology companies are obsessed with the "enterprise" market — Fortune 500 giants with complicated problems and big budgets. 37Signals builds software for entrepreneurs and small companies where the executives who buy the product also use the product — a market…

Small Publishers See Similarities in New HarperCollins Unit

Speaking with the The New York Observer, small publishers say they've for years employed the author/retail strategies recently embraced by HarperCollins' new imprint. "This is exactly what we've been talking about and attempting to do to varying degrees all along,’" said Richard Nash, publisher of Soft Skull Press. “But I don’t think they [HarperCollins] were like, 'oh, let’s look…