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The Coming Readers' Economy and Data Portability

This is a guest post by Mark Bertils. At the end of last year one event signaled a huge shift in how the book publishing industry will do business. It's not what you think. It was December's launch of Facebook Connect. A land grab for user identities followed. The Web's people economy is coming of age. Facebook's Squid Tries to…

Publishing Lessons from Web 2.0 Expo

A collection of publishing-centric takeaways from the recent Web 2.0 conference in New York City.

Open Question: How Do You Use Web Video?

Joost and other Web video services are searching for the right combination of technology and content, but are they headed in the right direction? How do you use Web video? What do you want to see? Please share your thoughts.

Lulu Adding WeRead's Social Networking Tools

Lulu is teaming up with weRead, a book-centric social network. From The Bookseller: The agreement would combine Lulu.com's free self-publishing tools and distributions capabilities with weRead's independent ratings and reviews and readership communities on social networks. (Via Jose Afonso Furtado's Twitter stream) Related Stories: Free Ebooks with Embedded Ads Via Scribd-Lulu Partnership POD Opens Door to Magazine Experiments and Customization…