A Big Boost to Books as Apps?

Books as standalone apps have already proven popular enough for Apple to add "Books" as a category. There are several important implications of this for publishers.

Cloud Computing's Potential Impact on Publishing

The move toward "cloud"-based content distribution raises a host of issues relevant to book publishing. Here's a few that popped onto our radar.

Open Question: Should Publishers Develop Software Apps?

The debate around publishers' response to the new iPhone brings up an interesting question: should publishers develop their own software? Please share your thoughts.

Survey of Book Industry Reaction to New iPhone and App Store

The new iPhone/App Store has inspired a lively debate about publishing's role in digital content and software development. In this survey post, we catalog a variety of viewpoints from across the Web.

Release Early, Release Often: Agile Software Development in Publishing

Agile software development has transformed online product development. Can it do the same in publishing?

Treating Ebooks Like Software

In this Q&A, Peter Kent of DNAML discusses the merits of in-book transactions, affiliate marketing, and other digital initiatives that can benefit book publishers.

Hacking the Kindle

Reversing Everything popped the hood on the Kindle and poked around the underlying software. If you like to tinker (and don't mind putting devices in peril), this three-part Kindle series is worth a look: Hacking the Kindle part 1: getting the console Hacking the Kindle part 2: bootloader and firmware updates Hacking the Kindle part 3: root shell and…