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Publishing News: BAFTA nomination hints at app crossover appeal

Publishing News: BAFTA nomination hints at app crossover appeal

The Malcom Tucker app might win a BAFTA, Kindle ebook sales outpace print, and a Kindle wish list.

For the first time ever, an app has been nominated for a TV BAFTA, Kindle sales might indicate the ebook tipping point, and the Kindle team gets some (unsolicited) pointers from Joe Wikert.

And the BAFTA goes to … an app?

And the BAFTA goes to … an app?

For the first time, an app has been nominated for a TV BAFTA.

"The Malcolm Tucker: The Missing Phone" application has been nominated for a TV British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award. Henry Volans, head of Faber Digital, discusses the app and why he thinks it's being honored with the nomination.

Politico Expands Content Sharing Service

Here's a sliver of positivity from the gloomy news business: Politico's content sharing network has added more than 100 clients since launching in September. From Editor & Publisher: Politico Network, which makes the political news Web site's content available in exchange for advertising placement, launched Sept. 9, according to Beth Frerking, an assistant managing editor. Newspapers and broadcast outlets…

Report: Some Viewers Going Web-Only for TV Shows

Web viewing of TV shows is replacing traditional TV time for a percentage of the viewing audience, according to new research from Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI). From Advertising Age: … more than 20% of people watch some amount of prime-time TV programming online. Within that group of online viewers, 50% are watching programming as it becomes available and appear…

"Lost" Builds Community through Book Club and Web Games

Intricate Web games and the new "Lost" book club are excellent examples of the community-building moves content creators can use to engage their fanbases.

Content Owners and Consumers Need Digital Quid Pro Quo

Digital delivery requires concessions from content owners and consumers — but both sides must be mindful of going too far.