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New Project Examines Close Reading and Web Collaboration

On Nov. 10, Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook will be read and discussed by seven readers in a new experiment that explores "close reading" and the mechanisms of online conversation. The project is the brainchild of Bob Stein, founder of Institute for the Future of the Book. Stein outlined the project's goals in an email announcement: Fundamentally this is…

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Maintaining a Web Community is as Hard as Building One

Notoriety tools provide one way to keep a Web community vibrant and engaged.

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The Reinvention of the Book Club

The Economist has a story on the decline, and partial resuscitation, of book clubs, with a focus on Europe and America: There is one kind of book club which could have a bright future: specialist clubs that harness the internet. Two successful new clubs in recent years have been Bertelsmann's Black Expressions in America, aimed at black women, and…

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