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The Kindle, the Cloud and Mixed Signals

Adam Hodgkin notes a discrepancy between Amazon's cloud-computing efforts and the Kindle. From Exact Editions: If Amazon decides to switch tack on the Kindle and treat it simply as a blank slate on which users can rent rather than outright buy titles, they will have the infrastructure in place to make this change. Amazon is a true believer in…

Processing the Deep Backlist at the New York Times

At OSCON, Derek Gottfrid explained how the New York Times is using Amazon cloud computing services to make the paper's historical archive viewable on the Web.

Amazon's Non-Media Products Show Growth

New financials show a slight dip in the total percentage of Amazon's revenue generated by books, DVDs and other media. From MarketWatch: Amazon is also relying less on sales of media products such as books, DVDs and music, which has been its historical strength. In the second quarter, media sales accounted for 59% of the company's total revenue compared to…