O'Reilly iPhone App Tips and Tricks

As Andrew has discussed in some detail recently on this blog, O’Reilly has started publishing many books as iPhone/iPod Touch apps. Over the past couple of months, we’ve received a considerable amount of feedback from customers who have purchased the apps.

To address some of the most common questions we get, I recently added a page on oreilly.com. I cover three main topics:

  • “Hidden” features — handy things you can do that aren’t always obvious in the UI
  • Long code lines — my attempt to help users deal with the question we get most often on the support queues
  • Extracting the EPUB files — yes, there is an EPUB file in that app, and you can get to it quite easily

I hope this page is useful to you. As we continue to receive feedback from our customers, I plan to add more tips and information.

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