What do readers want?

Submit your questions now for the Goodreads community survey

If you had the chance to sit down with 12 million readers and ask them any question, what would it be? As an exclusive to Tools of Change New York 2013, Goodreads is offering attendees the chance to get the insights you need from what The Economist calls “the world’s biggest book club.” We’ll share the results during this TOC session (use the discount code shown below to save 15% on your TOC registration).

What do you want to ask? Some thought starters for the types of questions that could be covered:

  • Are romance readers more interested in helping shape the story of a book (agile book creation) than sci fi fans?
  • How often do readers buy a book as a result of reading a sample chapter?
  • Are mystery readers more interested in a subscription model than young adult readers?

As standard questions, the survey will ask:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • How many books read per year
  • Top 3 favorite genres/categories

Go here to submit your suggestions for questions or to let us know if you’re interested in the questions above.

Please note that not all questions submitted will run in the survey. In order not to overwhelm people taking the survey, Goodreads and the TOC team will review the questions to identify the most popular themes/areas of interest.

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