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Author and publisher relationships

Schilling's report sheds light on hotspots and opportunities

I had the pleasure of meeting with representatives from Schilling earlier this year as they prepared a white paper called “Author and publisher relations — how publishers stay competitive in digital publishing.” You can download the free report here.

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Report: Random House Shifts Ebook Royalties to Net Receipts

Richard Curtis says Random House has announced a shift in its ebook royalties in a letter recently sent to literary agents. From E-Reads: Commencing December 1, 2008, the new royalty rate for sales of ebooks will be 25% of the amount received for all sales, Random's letter goes on to state. What does Random House actually receive? Most e-book retailers…

New Rulings Let Pubs Create Digital Archives With No Additional Royalties

Two recent cases allow publishers to create exact digital archives of back catalogs without freelancer permission or payment of additional royalties.

Survey of Publisher and Author Reaction to HarperCollins Move

HarperCollins' new no-return/low-advance business is generating plenty of discussion. Kassia Krozser from BookSquare: If HC can pull this off, it will restore my faith in humanity. In a low-margin business, it just makes sense for everybody. And now that printing presses are moving ever-closer to true on-demand printing, the crazy process of overprinting in anticipation of theoretical demand can end….