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Kindle Royalties "stun" Publisher

Silicon Alley Insider reports on Oxford University Press’s Evan Schnittman’s response to unexpectedly strong sales via Kindle:

That prompted Schnittman to look at his royalty statements, which he said "stunned" him: He had expected to sell up to 200 Kindle titles in December, but says the real numbers were "an order of magnitude" more than that.

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Comment: Kindle Royalties "stun" Publisher

  1. Getting nice sales on Kindle is find and dandy — but what about when Amazon fails to pay the author???

    I haven’t been paid yet, in six months, and since I earn a decent amount, they owe me a lot of money now. Problem is, I have no idea if I’ll ever get paid … it’s very difficult to wring an answer out of a human being at Amazon. I sell quite a lot of copies (and I *don’t* write erotica, which makes good sales somewhat surprising, these days, going by what I’ve learned of the market). It would be sooooo nice to get paid.

    Have been on the forums at Amazon; other writers are in the same boat. If this keeps up till Christmas 2009 (another 5 months), they’ll owe me a great deal, and I will pull my titles from their catalog. Sooner or later, the writers being cheated this way by Amazon will get a class action going, and I’d be glad to be part of it. Heck, I’d be glad to contribute to a fund-raiser to hire a expensive attorney and squeeze everyone’s royalties out of them in court!

    Do I like Kindle? Yes and no. Being in Australia, I can’t even use one: it’s an Americans Only club, you know. I have a BeBook, and I like it a lot. Kindle is fine and dandy as a reader — it’s the service Amazin offers which is no good, because writers are going unpaid, Amazon keeps ALL the money. I wish I’d known this before I put a raft of my titles!