Roundup: Jeff Bezos and Chris Anderson at BEA, the Value of Evergreen Content, Bonus Features and Ebooks

Jeff Bezos and Chris Anderson at BookExpo America
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will be interviewed by Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired, at BookExpo America on Friday, May 30. Bezos and Anderson are both at the forefront of business/technological change: Bezos with Amazon’s Kindle and Anderson with his focus on free economic models. (What’s the over/under on Anderson asking about free Kindles?)

Sourcebooks: Evergreen Holds the Bottom Line
Dominique Raccah, founder of Sourcebooks Inc., has built her business by ignoring fads: “… we elected at the outset to mainly issue books that are on the so-called backlist — books that are not hot fad followers but are read, and re-read and referenced as evergreen classics, and can be updated with fresh information each year,” Raccah tells the Naperville Sun. Sourcebooks’ titles include the “Fisk Guide to Colleges,” “The Complete Book of Baby Names,” and the Sphinx Legal reference series.

Pride and Prejudice Ebook Includes Bonus Material
It looks like e-books are taking a note from DVD bonus features. Penguin Group’s upcoming Pride and Prejudice ebook will include reviews from the novel’s first run, a Jane Austen timeline, illustrations, rules of etiquette, and other add-ons.

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