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Amazon Growth Fuels Online's Book Market Share

Online retailers claim 21-30 percent of the consumer trade book market, according to two recent surveys. Publishers Weekly says much of this growth comes from Amazon:

In discussing their 2007 results, both Penguin’s David Shanks and Simon & Schuster’s Carolyn Reidy said the e-tailer was their fastest-growing account last year, while Quarto Group chairman Laurence Orbach noted that sales of its MBI Distribution subsidiary have increased by more than 10 percent at Amazon in each of the last three years.

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Comment: Amazon Growth Fuels Online's Book Market Share

  1. I recently posted a preliminary analysis about online book market size and share on The New Media Record that you readers may find interesting. My first look at the market shows that while Amazon is by far the most dominant player, they still represent less than half of the total online book market.