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Pan Macmillan Plans Ebooks Showing Edits and Changes

Pan Macmillan is releasing ebooks with extra sauce. From thedigitalist.net:

The idea that a special edition eBook can contain marginal material produced before, during, or after a print edition features in two other eBooks to be published by Picador this year. Sid Smith’s China Dreams, which we published in hardback in January 2007 and in paperback in January 2008, will be issued in a uniquely up-to-date edition, in the author’s latest version, with corrections, changes, and new material, and a foreword in which he considers the process of composition and revision.

Cliffhanger, by T. J. Middleton (the alias of our established Picador author Tim Binding), takes this idea in the opposite direction: alongside the print edition, which we publish in October 2008, will be an urtext: a composite version of the novel as it was before it was edited here at Picador, with the text in its original form, reinstated and modified scenes and characters, and a radically different ending, also with a foreword by the author explaining the urtext’s conception and the editing process
that turned it into Cliffhanger.”

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Comment: Pan Macmillan Plans Ebooks Showing Edits and Changes

  1. This reminds me of the original “Star Wars” trilogy released on DVD. There was a secondary market for hard-core fans who wanted the original films, not the super-digitized updates.

    It’s also reminiscent of the best type of DVD bonus feature: the alternate ending.