iRex's Large E-Reader Aimed at Business Crowd

E-reader manufacturer iRex Technologies is targeting the business market with its Reader 1000. From Forbes:

The iRex Reader 1000 offers a 10.2-inch diagonal E-Ink screen, far larger than Kindle’s 6-inch screen or even iRex’s own 8.1-inch diagonal iLiad, its last e-book model. That stretched display is designed to work with any file format, be it an e-book, a full-sized PDF, a Word document or HTML. Like earlier iRex devices, it sports a stylus and touch screen for taking notes and marking documents.

A basic Reader 1000 with no Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity and a read-only screen costs $650. The fully-equipped edition goes for $850.

As Forbes notes, Plastic Logic’s recently announced e-reader is also aimed at the business market.

(Via Jose Alonso Furtado’s Twitter stream)

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