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First Frontlist O'Reilly Ebook Bundle (Including EPUB) Now Available

iPod: The Missing Manual, seventh editionWith today’s release of iPod: The Missing Manual, Seventh Edition, by J.D. Biersdorfer and David Pogue, we’re beginning the release of nearly all new (frontlist) titles as ebook bundles. SharePoint for Project Management, by Dux Raymond Sy, will be available tomorrow, and Web Security Testing Cookbook, by Paco Hope and Ben Walther, will be available next Tuesday (Oct. 14)

As with our pilot program, each bundle will include Web-optimized PDF, EPUB (for your Sony Reader or iPhone), and .mobi (for your Kindle) files. These ebook bundles will generally be available up to two weeks before the printed book is on store shelves (most of our books are also available on Safari Books Online before they’re in stores).

As always, these files are DRM-free, and customers receive free updates to reflect any published changes in the book (more info on the bundles here). There are several other ebook projects and experiments in the works that I can’t talk about just yet, but stay tuned between now and February’s TOC Conference for updates (I can say that we’ll be rolling out bundles for most of our backlist titles during that time frame).

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  1. As a very happy Kindle owner, I don’t mind saying thank you so much! This is an announcement I’ve been eagerly awaiting!

  2. Thanks, O’Reilly, for leading the way with .epub. I certainly buy many e-books in DRM-free PDF, and my eyes really would appreciate eInk. In fact, I think I’ll be checking out some of your 30+ titles simply because they are .epub, and perhaps buying a Sony PRS-700 next month.

    I hope to see some of the PDFs I’ve already purchased become available in .epub, and eventually even your Rough Cuts. Lets hope that other technical publishers follow suit.

    I don’t know exactly what “frontlist” means? Is there a way to see a list of books available in .epub beyond the initial 30? Thanks.

  3. Guess I just need to scroll down a bit further on the ebooks/ page.