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Mobile First, PC Second

Over on Radar, Tim O’Reilly says the mobile tipping point is upon us:

I think about the web as experienced on a PC, and then about mobile as an add on. The tipping point has come; that notion has to flip: if we’re trying to get ahead of the curve, we need to think first about the phone, and then think about the PC browser experience as the add-on.

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  1. i’m sure tim appreciates the “link love” —
    as he described it in his adjacent post —
    coming from one of his employees…

    go go google juice…


  2. The most important part is to think of the web as web-services first. Once that you have a nice RESTful architecture, and that you can easily output data in multiple formats, you can start building how you display & interact with these services.

    Aside from dedicated mobile applications and traditional websites, there’s also more and more RIA applications. The 3 of them can interface with the same web-services if you built the right architecture from scratch.