Links to All Articles/Posts from Best of TOC eBook

Some of you interested in the “Best of TOC” ebook have objected to having to go through the O’Reilly shopping cart process to get the free ebook. Point taken, and thank you for the feedback. Other readers are looking for a place to comment on the pieces; because these were all published blog posts, many already have rich comment threads of conversation. To address both concerns, here’s a full linked list of all the pieces we included in the Best of TOC ebook:

  1. Digital Rights Management Versus Enforcement
  2. Amazon Ups the Ante on Platform Lock-In
  3. Ebook Format Primer
  4. Ergonomics and Ebook Success
  5. Responsibly Assuaging Author Concerns About File Sharing and “Piracy”
  6. It’s Time to Accept an Ambiguous Digital Fate
  7. Storytelling 2.0: Alternate Reality Games
  8. Content Owners and Consumers Need Digital Quid Pro Quo
  9. The Pitfalls of Publishing’s E-Reader Guessing Game
  10. Treating Ebooks Like Software
  11. On Publishers and Software Development
  12. Ebooks and Print Books Are Not Mutually Exclusive
  13. POD Opens Door to Magazine Experiments and Customization
  14. Web Community Management Tips
  15. Reinventing the Book and Killing It are Separate Things
  16. Q&A with Developer Who Turns Ebooks into iPhone Applications
  17. Terry Goodkind Follows The Money
  18. Web Analytics Primer for Publishers
  19. A Unified Field Theory of Publishing in the Networked Era
  20. How Many Publishing CEOs Know What an API Is?
  21. Why You Should Care About XML
  22. Publisher as Brand?
  23. Regulating the Google Settlement
  24. Point-Counterpoint: On Digital Book DRM
  25. Point-Counterpoint: Digital Book DRM, the Least Worst Solution
  26. Interstitial Publishing: A New Market from Wasted Time
  27. The Once and Future Ebook: On Reading in the Digital Age

According to our ecommerce data, several hundred of you have “purchased” the free ebook. I’m thrilled there’s so much interest — this is definitely something we’ll be looking to do again with this and other conferences.