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Safari Books Online Goes Mobile

Mobile SafariLike much of the publishing world, I’m eager to hear about Amazon’s latest version of the Kindle. But that’s not the only news today. I’m sitting here at TOC and talking to John Chodacki from Safari Books Online and, with a smile on his face, he’s showing me beta version of m.safaribooksonline.com. (In full disclosure, Safari is a joint venture between O’Reilly and Pearson.)

The smile is well deserved. It looks great, it’s fast, and I love the stripped-down navigation and lack of clutter. It’s got a couple of bugs, and I don’t like that I can’t read our highly designed Head First books, but it’s a Beta.

The mobile version will be released on 23 February, and if you’re a Safari subscriber and have feedback, send it to safarimobile AT safaribooksonline DOT com. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can get a free trial.

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  1. Thank You!!! Thank You!!!

    Looks great on the iPhone!

  2. Looks beautiful. Been waiting for this sort of thing for some time. One recommendation: Get an iPhone icon wired up — when saving the URL to the home screen, it uses a default screen grab icon from Mobile Safari. Otherwise, beautiful!

  3. Cool! I’ve been wondering when O’Reilly would do this. Now if you’d allow me to assign tags to all of the books in My Favorites so that I can find them without having to do Search > Book/Video Titles Only > My Favorites every time, I’d be a very happy camper.

    I also liked Anthony’s suggestion about the icon.

  4. By the way, I’d like to add that if, at some future date, Safari was available on either the Kindle or a Mac-equivalent tablet and I could see the entire page in portrait layout and go from page to page at the click of a button, I would go from being a casual Safari user to spending a couple of hours a day just reading books from my Favorites.

  5. This is awesome! I’ve looked at a couple of books on the iPhone and it is incredibly readable!

  6. A bit to be desired. Too many logins. Those are expensive and painful on a phone. Everytime I leave a book and try to see my favorties or pick another it asks me again. This is completely clueless. It is not bloody likely my phone has changed hands between pages. Please fix.

  7. I’ve sent this question through official channels too, but can you tell me if/how this will work for institutional (University) subscribers to Safari Books Online? When I try to access via iPhone from my institution’s IP address, which is normally recognized for the “main” product, this time I’m stopped with a login and password…

    Our institutional subscription is through ProQuest/Safari; maybe I need to go through them?

  8. I, too, am having the same issue with access my institutional account through the mobile version. Is it possible??

  9. Excellent job. This tool is invaluable to me. Now that I have the convenience of reading on my Pal Pre I do a lot more of it.

    Pre specific issue, top link doesn’t link to the top of the page.

    Again thanks for the great tool.

  10. International Kindle potential buyers be aware.

    I am a very happy Safari Books Online subscriber (thanks team) but I wanted to use something with a bigger screen to be able to view the contents so I bought a Kindle 2 Global Wireless.

    Nice device but as I am a non-us resident the browser will not work due to Amazon blocking any access to the internet apart from the amazon book store.

    Spoke to Amazon and they said that Global Wireless means only for you to download their books not the browse the internet.

    So if you are a NON-US user do not buy the kindle to use the safari service as you will be very disappointed. (2 hours after I received the Kindle is getting send back to Amazon for a refund)

    Back to the IPhone to enjoy the Safari Books Online library for now!!