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Outperforming Books at Getting a Job Done

Clay Christensen talks about how people hire products to do jobs for them, and for a very long time books have been the best performers at doing certain types of jobs. That’s changing of course, and the crop of new Augmented Reality applications should be on the radar of many types of publisher, from travel to fiction to repair manuals:

In the not-too-distant future, it might be possible to slip on a pair of augmented-reality (AR) goggles instead of fumbling with a manual while trying to repair a car engine. Instructions overlaid on the real world would show how to complete a task by identifying, for example, exactly where the ignition coil was, and how to wire it up correctly.

A new AR system developed at Columbia University starts to do just this, and testing performed by Marine mechanics suggests that it can help users find and begin a maintenance task in almost half the usual time.

We’ll have a session on Augmented Reality at February’s TOC Conference.


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  1. sometimes whacking somebody upside the head
    is the absolute best way to get the job done.
    no book required.

    of course, sometimes you need to whack them
    upside the head _with_ a book, if it’s serious.

    that’s the only reason i buy hardbacks any more.


  2. you know, andrew, i used to think that you were
    the o’reilly person who said the stupidest things.

    but joe wikert has surged out ahead of you lately.