Adam Witwer

Adam Witwer oversees the Publishing Services division at O’Reilly Media. He focuses on ebook development at O'Reilly and thinking about the next generation of books.

Checking in on DAISY downloads

Accessibility is a feature every publisher needs to own and implement

Since adding the accessible DAISY format to our ebook bundles in late 2010, we’ve seen a slow but steady uptick in customers downloading and using these files. In looking at downloads month to month in 2012, we find that downloads are routinely into the high hundreds and often over the thousand mark (for more data on which formats O’Reilly customers are downloading, check out Joe’s post from earlier this year).

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O'Reilly ebooks now optimized for Kindle Fire

O'Reilly Mobi files have been upgraded to meet the specs of Amazon's KF8 format.

If your O'Reilly ebook bundle includes a Mobi file, you can now download a KF8-compliant file. These updated files take advantage of the Kindle Fire's functionality.

O'Reilly iPhone App Tips and Tricks

As Andrew has discussed in some detail recently on this blog, O'Reilly has started publishing many books as iPhone/iPod Touch apps. Over the past couple of months, we've received a considerable amount of feedback from customers who have purchased the apps.To address some of the most common questions we get, I recently added a page on I cover three…