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Jane Litte is a lawyer, blogger, and lover of books. She started reading digitally in the 1990s on a Palm Pilot which showed one tiny paragraph on the screen at a time. Since then she's been a ceaseless advocate for digital technology believing that instant gratification needs of today's consumer has to be met by every industry, including the publishing one. Jane owns and runs one of the premiere reader review sites on the internet, Dear Author, which posts over 30 reviews a month as well as daily news about publishing and daily book deals.

Resistances to DOJ Argue the Public Doesn’t Want the Settlement

Is the settlement really in the best (long term) interest of consumers?

Yesterday was the deadline for filing statements in opposition to the proposed settlement in the price fixing case between the Department of Justice and three publishers:  Hachette, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster.  The focus of the resistances by the publishers Macmillan and Penguin were that the DOJ had failed to provide economic analysis in support of the settlement.  Macmillan argued that the DOJ should be required to prove that the settlement won’t send the ebook market back into the control of Amazon. Penguin asserted that the underlying allegation of the DOJ – that prices have increased under Agency pricing – has not been proved by the DOJ and that the DOJ should be required to provide economic analysis of its allegations.

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