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Where's the IMDb for Books?

Over on the TOC Community, David Henley expands on recent discussions around publisher and author brand building by drawing an interesting connection to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb): Not everyone chooses a film because of who directs it or who the screenwriter was, but some of us do, and now with databases like IMDB we can easily find lists…

Do Publisher Brands Still Have Relevance?

Kate Eltham espies HarperStudio, asking whether they should have a separate Web portal/site, or just operate with a blog. She wonders: can a publisher drive a brand these days? Or just authors? What would make the return on investment worthwhile? Personally, growing up, discovering reading, I remember some imprints with fondness, and I might see their name as an…

Artist Brand Building: An Idea Born from Free Debate's Middle Ground

Two analysts with opposing views of free models both see a way for traditional content companies to adapt: help creatives build their personal brands.