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Getting Some Perspective on Cloud Computing

Wholesale dismissal of the cloud is just as detrimental as wholesale commitment.

Publishing Lessons from Web 2.0 Expo

A collection of publishing-centric takeaways from the recent Web 2.0 conference in New York City.

The Kindle, the Cloud and Mixed Signals

Adam Hodgkin notes a discrepancy between Amazon's cloud-computing efforts and the Kindle. From Exact Editions: If Amazon decides to switch tack on the Kindle and treat it simply as a blank slate on which users can rent rather than outright buy titles, they will have the infrastructure in place to make this change. Amazon is a true believer in…

Cloud Computing's Potential Impact on Publishing

The move toward "cloud"-based content distribution raises a host of issues relevant to book publishing. Here's a few that popped onto our radar.

Adobe Eyes Interactivity in Ebooks

Adobe just launched the Open Screen Project, an initiative designed to easily move content and applications across devices: This initiative provides one more motivation for adopting Flash for rich media and interactivity to take eBooks beyond static paper-like experiences and make digital content more compelling to consumers … More and more, digital publications — whether downloaded or consumed online…