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Links on the side

Links on the side

A simple solution for including hyperlinks without undermining focus.

Digital documents that help readers focus are the ones that we're most likely to remember. Those that send us scampering around the web will be more easily forgotten.

Linking in ebooks: How much is too much?

Linking in ebooks: How much is too much?

Ebook hyperlinks don't always lead to a smooth reading experience.

Ebook producers must decide if the destinations behind embedded links are worth the disruptions they might cause.

Links: The Simple Solution for Context

News consumers searching for context can be served through the Web's simplest tool: hyperlinks.

Readers Already Picking Up the Interactive Slack

Harlequin announced this week the launch of Enhanced Edition ebooks, which link out to Net resources that augment the value and experience of the books. At Electric Alphabet, Kate Eltham notes that, in a way, this has already been happening by the readers, not by the publishers: Last year I read Spook Country by William Gibson … I remember…

Harlequin Embeds Hyperlinks in New Ebook

Harlequin is adding interactivity to its ebooks under the banner "Enriched Editions." The first title to get the enriched treatment is Unmasked, a romance story chosen for its historical tie-ins. From a Harlequin press release: Unmasked … has been enriched with interactive buttons that hyperlink to Web sites containing photos, historical commentaries, illustrations, sound effects, maps, articles and more ……

Seth Godin: Community and Interactivity Would Benefit Kindle

Seth Godin weighs in with random thoughts on the Kindle, including: The Kindle does a fine job of being a book reader, and a horrible job of actually improving the act of reading a book. Godin says the Kindle reading experience — particularly with non-fiction titles — would benefit from reader recommendations, Digg-style voting, and hyperlinks. The post also…

Publisher Offers Tips for Embedding Web Links in Ebooks

Morris Rosenthal uses links to guide ebook readers to illustrations, diagrams and other Web material. He shares his best practices in this Q&A.

Linking Books with the Web-Way of Thinking

The changing nature of book content means publishers need to develop material that meshes with digital platforms, rather than replicating book experience in a digital realm.