Open API: The Blanche DuBois economy

Doing business by relying on the kindness of strangers

‘Open API’ is a well-known term that seldom gets challenged. It passes in conversation as an agreed-upon good.¬†However it should be recognised that there is no such thing as an Open API – it is a euphemism for a specific kind of technical service offered with no contractual agreement to secure those services.

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A Graphic Designer Puts Print on Demand Through Its Paces

A report on the UnderConsideration blog outlines a fascinating experiment called Dear Lulu. From the blog coverage: This past July, fourteen students attended a two-day workshop at Germany's Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences with Prof. Frank Philippin and London-based designer James Goggin. The brief, as explained by Goggin: "My plan for the workshop is to investigate the visible and…

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Lulu Adding WeRead's Social Networking Tools

Lulu is teaming up with weRead, a book-centric social network. From The Bookseller: The agreement would combine Lulu.com's free self-publishing tools and distributions capabilities with weRead's independent ratings and reviews and readership communities on social networks. (Via Jose Afonso Furtado's Twitter stream) Related Stories: Free Ebooks with Embedded Ads Via Scribd-Lulu Partnership POD Opens Door to Magazine Experiments and Customization…

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Free Ebooks with Embedded Ads Via Scribd-Lulu Partnership

Scribd and Lulu have joined forces to combine Scribd's iPaper format, a Flash-derived viewing technology optimized for bandwidth and speed, with Lulu content. From ReadWriteWeb: Beginning this month on the self-publishing site Lulu.com, you will soon find a broad selection of some of the site's most popular free content made available via the iPaper format … And thanks to…

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