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Loathe your Kindle? Swap it for a bunch of books

Loathe your Kindle? Swap it for a bunch of books

A Portland, Ore. bookstore is offering a dollar-for-dollar Kindle trade-in.

A bookstore in Portland, Ore., will exchange unwanted Kindles for paper books. But what to do with all those Kindles? That's where Worldreader.org might provide a solution.

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Publishers: Let the Containers Go

In a guest post at Boing Boing, Clay Shirky says publishers who focus on book lovers rather than readers are setting themselves up to fail: Businesses don't survive in the long term because old people persist in old behaviors; they survive because young people renew old behaviors, and all the behaviors young people are renewing cluster around reading, while they…

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Open Question: Do You Re-Read Books?

Is re-reading a common activity or one of those things we'd all like to do but can't find the time? Please share your thoughts.

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Pricing Digital Book Content: Where's the Sweet Spot?

A lot of people are trying to figure out where prices are headed for digital book content, and to date there's not much consensus. What do you think?

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What if Ebooks Were the Dominant Platform?

Does application of a flip test in the ebook vs print book debate yield new perspectives? Or is it a waste of time? Please share your thoughts.

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Ebooks and Print Books are Not Mutually Exclusive

Print book lovers are tireless defenders of their chosen format, but that defense is often unnecessary.

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