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Guccione: Print Downturn Traces Back to Pre-Internet Era

Bob Guccione Jr. says the decline in print readership started long before the Internet arrived. From The Huffington Post: I know the conventional wisdom: that readership is being lost to the speed and efficiency of the Web. But I think the decline of traditional publishing, especially magazines, is more deeply rooted in an arrogance and laziness that goes back 30-plus…

Open Question: Do You Re-Read Books?

Is re-reading a common activity or one of those things we'd all like to do but can't find the time? Please share your thoughts.

Open Question: Will Genre Fiction Die Off With Traditional Readers?

Is genre fiction on a downhill slide, or, will today's teen eventually gravitate toward long-form storytelling? Please share your thoughts.

The Importance of Viewing the World as Readers Do

Publishers who turn data into something readers find truly useful stand a much better chance of success.

Are You Ready for Free?

Free is popping up everywhere. Here are a few resources that will help you explore this growing trend.