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Redefining Professional Content and Accepting Digital's Limitations

Scott Karp's 10 observations about the future of media inspired a few thoughts on the shifting definition of "professional" and the limitations of digital.

Maintaining a Web Community is as Hard as Building One

Notoriety tools provide one way to keep a Web community vibrant and engaged.

Ruling: Consider Fair Use Before Issuing Takedowns

A fairly significant ruling came down Wednesday in Lenz v. Universal, a rather infamous case where Universal Music Publishing Group issued a takedown against a YouTube video of a young child dancing to a song in the background — a song in which Universal maintained some rights. Universal later acknowledged that this was a fair use of the music,…

Web Community Management Tips

As a reignited debate over user comments rages, we use the opportunity to look at time-tested community management tips.

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This is Not a Comment (Derek Powazek, Powazek.com) Chastising all internet commenters for the actions of the loudest, craziest ones is no different that swearing off all newspapers because of Jason Blair. Silicon Valley's benevolent dictatorship (Rebecca MacKinnon, RConversation) The guys running Google, Apple, Microsoft, and many other companies represented at the Fortune Brainstorm are the benevolent dictators of the…

Photography Up, Photojournalists Down

In a Columbia Journalism Review essay, Alissa Quart looks at the future of photojournalism, which is not unlike that of journalists now that everyone has a camera in their hands: While professional photographers are suffering, news photography and photography of all kinds is flourishing. Citizens around the world can cheaply photograph and distribute images of their own countries and…

What Makes a Collaborative Writing Project Successful?

Publishers have experimented with wikis and computer games to create successful collaborative projects. We explore some lessons learned from recent projects, and describe a newly-launched game from The Guardian.

News Roundup: Kindle 2.0 Speculation, Wikipedia: The Book, "Dilbert" Embraces User-Generated Content, Mobile Audiobook Downloads, Tracking Drafts and Revisions

Speculation on Kindle 2.0 Ars Technica speculates on what the Kindle 2.0 might provide: … the general hardware configuration appears to be here for a while. The fact that they're still selling the current version also suggests that they have committed to this design in all its white-plastic glory. In the long term, there's still the option of moving some…

"Dilbert" Embraces User-Generated Content

"Dilbert" creator Scott Adams and his distributor, United Media, are supporting user-generated content through Dilbert.com. Visitors can rewrite captions and redistribute the results, and the full "Dilbert" archive will eventually be available for free. From Webware: I asked Adams why he and United Media are opening up the Dilbert intellectual property like this, and he sent me a response…