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Web Publicity Grows Up, Learns the Value of Conversation

Web publicity works best when the audience is spoken with, not at.

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Twitter Tips for Publishers

Mark Bertils makes the case for Twitter use and offers eight tips for tweeting publishers. From Index // mb: For a minimal investment of time, you can ping a heap of people. Why wouldn't a book publisher want to do that? Truth is, most already do. Email newsletters blast-out to book readers from all over. Publishers' feeds and podcasts…

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News Roundup: iPhone Apps Developer Shocked by Windfall, Author Reaps Rewards of Web Openness, Comcast Buys Web Publisher for $125 Million

iPhone Apps Developer "Shell Shocked" by Outsized Payday Seth Weintraub over at 9to5Mac reports on the outsized success of at least one iPhone Apps developer, Eliza Block, who’s now earning an unexpected $2,000 a day from her crossword puzzle app, 2Across. Noteworthy certainly, but also instructive about the platform Apple has created for what can certainly be called "self…

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Build Sites Around Authors and Subjects, Not Publisher Brands

Michael Cairns at PersonaNonData expresses a desire to see publishers include a more comprehensive picture of authors and works: Publishers are best placed to build author-centric and subject/theme-oriented websites — not sites oriented around a "brand" that isn't relevant, but those that focus attention on segments of the business that remain relevant to consumers. Envision the Spiritual segment at…

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What Authors Can Learn from Silicon Valley

Sramana Mitra of Forbes.com sees parallels between author Elle Newmark's grassroots audience development and Silicon Valley's software process: In Silicon Valley, we do alpha and beta products — small prototypes of our vision — and recruit a small number of customers to gain early validation of the products' viability. These alpha and beta products, along with early customer validation,…

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News Roundup: New Kindles Rumored, Free Ebooks with Embedded Google Ads, Web Publicity and Giveaways Boost Author's Profile

Rumor: Two New Kindles Coming This Fall Citing an inside source, CrunchGear says Amazon will release two new Kindles in time for the holiday season: The first is an updated version with the same sized screen, a smaller form factor, and an improved interface … The second new model, which is shaped like an 8 1/2 x 11-inch piece of…

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