Content Tracking Tools: Control for Some, Distribution for Others

An article in BusinessWeek looks at various uses for content tracking systems, from command-and-control monitoring to partnership opportunities via broad distribution:

Just ask Sarah Chubb, president of Condé, owner of sites ranging from the cooking site to fashion site to WiredDigital, the online arm of Wired magazine. A few years ago, Chub enlisted a team of people to scour the Web for unlicensed content use. Now she has a team that does the opposite — figuring out how to get CondéNet’s recipes, fashion photos, and other content onto up-and-coming blogs and social networking sites. Her team is using Attributor’s [content tracking] system not to issue takedown notices but to spot new targets.

“We used to build our sites on the idea that people would come to our home page,” Chubb says. “Now, we’re consciously trying to put our content in a lot of places. In most of those cases, there’s a revenue opportunity for us,” she says, adding that she has no interest in using the technology to launch lawsuits. “

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