Open Question: Have You Seen a Kindle in Public?

A flurry of new Kindle guesstimates and analyst predictions has reignited the Kindle number debate (something I’m not fond of). One of the oft-cited arguments is: “How can the Kindle be so popular if I’ve never seen one in public?”

There are big holes in this line of inquiry, but since it gets raised so often I figured a few device-spotting questions were worth posing to the TOC community:

  • Have you seen a Kindle in public? If so, where did you see it?
  • Have you seen a Sony Reader or other standalone e-reading device?
  • Have you seen more than one e-reader?
  • When did you first see an iPod in public? How about a cell phone?
  • When did iPods and cell phones transition from public novelties to commonplace items?

Please share your thoughts in the comments area.

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