Joe Wikert Joins O'Reilly Media

Joe Wikert

We couldn’t be happier to announce that Joe Wikert has joined O’Reilly Media as the General Manager of the O’Reilly Technology Exchange (OTX) division, which publishes our flagship “animal books.”

Readers of this blog know we’re big fans of Joe’s work on his Publishing 2020 and Kindleville blogs. Joe’s perspective is very much aligned with our own, and we’re thrilled to add him to our list of innovators who believe in re-inventing the future of publishing. From the press release:

“Joe brings deep experience in technology publishing to his new position, but perhaps even more important, he embodies the innovative, adventurous ‘alpha geek’ spirit we believe is key to succeeding in today’s publishing environment,” said Laura Baldwin, O’Reilly COO and CFO. “His vision of the future of publishing is very much aligned with O’Reilly’s. I’m delighted to bring his leadership to our flagship OTX division as we focus on building new ways to disseminate information to today’s technologists.”

The OTX division, which publishes O’Reilly’s storied “animal books,” serves the developers and system administrators who have been a key O’Reilly constituency throughout the company’s 30-year history. Wikert is spearheading the expansion of the OTX publishing program into a broader offering that spans print, online, and in-person products and services.

Joe is already a member of the advisory committee for the 2009 TOC Conference, and stay tuned for more from him here on the TOC blog. Welcome Joe!

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