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  1. “SEO utterly relies on metadata.” That is wildly inaccurate.

  2. Saying it’s a necessity kind of makes it a chore, doesn’t it? 🙂

  3. metadata are useful for SEO in fact.

  4. SEO gurus across the bard dismiss Meta Data as inconsequential to ranking a page.

    From the narrow perspective of “I need to be on Google as close to the number one spot as possible” mentality, this may be true.

    However, news journalists tend to be less concerned about Google rankings and more concerned with their story reaching the right people.

    Publishers do not have the same concerns as SEO business types. As semantic web 3.0 starts to take hold, (IMHO) meta data will become more important.

  5. Our company has two sets of similar content. One set is extensively coded with meta data *by the authors) and one set is not. Both are similarly displayed on our web site. The coded set gets 9 times the number of page views per article than the uncoded set. While SEO is not utterly reliant on metadata, it makes a huge difference.