Anne Hill

Anne Hill develops content and messaging strategies for people with wisdom to share. She is co-organizer and author platforms geek for the Bay Area Bloggers Society, and hosts the Authors Go Public video series on digital publishing. Anne has authored and co-authored several books, writes for the Huffington Post, Creative Content Coaching, and the Blog o' Gnosis, teaches in person and online, and rarely passes up a speaking gig.

What’s so bad about the “10 Awful Truths”?

Authors need to realize they won't beat the odds if they don’t innovate

Last month I attended a Future of Publishing event in Silicon Valley, where Steve Piersanti, President of Berrett-Koehler, was on a panel that also included Barry Eisler, Dane Neller, Clark Kepler, and Guy Kawasaki. As the audience enjoyed a delicious meal before the event, we had a chance to look over the evening’s handout, Piersanti’s 10 Awful Truths About Book Publishing. I can’t imagine reading this helped anyone’s digestion.

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An author-centric map of publishing

Why it's both an exciting and confusing time to be an author

When I first heard the publishing industry referred to as an ecosystem I immediately wanted to see a map of it on the wall. How does water cycle through the system? Which communities are currently well-placed, and where are the likely spots for new ones to grow?

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