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  1. This sounds like an interesting conference. I also despise the “here’s how I did it” type of book or blog post. Really? Is the pattern repeatable? Probably not. What’s the formula for Instagram? 

  2. Great summary Anne! Enjoyed meeting you, and really appreciate such a thoughtful summary on what I think was a great day. Kudos. 

    • Thanks Kristen! Great meeting you too. And thanks for your moderating skills in those last couple panels. They were fascinating discussions, and in my world could have been twice as long.

  3. Thanks for attending and keeping the rest of us informed, Anne! It’s an exciting time to be writing and publishing.

  4. Great window into this year’s TOCcon, which (again) seems pivotal. One big problem we all have is clearly not going away: Integrating new tools. I’ll whine in private about the overload of embracing another round of new tech, because these players are especially shiny. Glossi, Leanpub, Pubslush, all sophisticated tech that speaks to the integration we should be seeing now. I wonder, Anne, do you see these tools as helping traditional publishers cross the bridge to the hybrid author hand-shake? And are any of the tools you’re looking at aimed more at recruiting the value of traditional publishers? Or are they still more about feeding the indie author’s world?

    • Great questions, Suzanna. I was impressed by the effort that these startups are putting into widening the field for all kinds of authors. Some of the platforms may be more attractive to traditional publishers than others, but I heard no one say that one sort of publishing path was preferable to any other. Choice is the new black.

  5. Shojib Ashrafi Na Ashrafi

    You’re already doing a great job with the website and the blog. I love the content here and I’m always glad to come back and read some toughts on photography – be it gear, shooting or something else, loved the recent video for Samsung. I love that it isn’t a gear review site. I’d suggest you keep doing what you are and adding some odd piece of gear you found interesting and think people don’t know enough about or don’t use it enough or in the right way.
    If someone wants a review there are already sites that do them and are doing only that. This site isn’t that and it should never be.It’s not like it’s hard to find a review today for anything.

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