Mike Hendrickson

Mike Hendrickson has held a variety of positions in the publishing industry including, Product Development Manager, Editor, Executive Editor, Editor-in-Chief, and Associate Publisher. Two constants are that he has always enjoyed meeting tech people and being involved with cutting-edge technologies. At O’Reilly, he is a Vice President for Content Strategy. He is the co-Author of The Best Android Apps.

DRM-Free Day, forever.

DRM-Free Day, forever.

Authors and publishers need to get creative with piracy. DRM isn't the answer.

Mike Hendrickson: "Adding DRM to content to deter theft … are you kidding me? Seriously, think about that. It will take a good programmer about an hour to get past most DRM, or a manual shop somewhere in the world will cut and scan the physical book and away it goes."

The future of the book

The future of the book

The book of the future requires collaboration, so let's start the change before we have to.

During lunch at TOC last week, we had a roundtable discussion that centered on the future of the book. The conversation touched on many different areas as you would expect: from distribution and inventory, to pricing and formats, to audience ownership and engagement.

Twitter Scorecard for Publishers

Recently Publisher’s Weekly published an article The Twitter Scorecard that showed which Publishers were using Twitter. I found the piece missing key elements that would provide more insight to their question “So who is twittering, and how effectively?”

OLPC and the Kindle

When I saw the OLPC I just had to tinker around with it. So on an hour train ride home I explored the little OLPC and was quite impressed.