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Unglue.it seeks to set ebooks free

Unglue.it seeks to set ebooks free

Eric Hellman on Gluejar's Unglue.it platform.

In this TOC podcast, Gluejar president Eric Hellman talks about how the Unglue.it platform can be used for ebook distribution.

O'Reilly iPhone App Tips and Tricks

As Andrew has discussed in some detail recently on this blog, O'Reilly has started publishing many books as iPhone/iPod Touch apps. Over the past couple of months, we've received a considerable amount of feedback from customers who have purchased the apps.To address some of the most common questions we get, I recently added a page on oreilly.com. I cover three…

ALA 2008: Librarians and Patrons Want More Openness

Librarians and publishers debated a host of e-publishing issues at the 2008 American Library Association conference.

Putting Ebook Piracy into Perspective

Adam Engst says ease of use and availability can offset piracy. His points also serve as a launching pad for a larger discussion on piracy perspectives.

Aggregated Ebook Service Suits Research Publisher

An understanding of audience goals can prove fruitful in digital publishing, according to Cynthia Cleto, global manager for e-books and e-product management at research publisher Springer. From a Q&A at TechNewsWorld: … our readers are working at a desk somewhere and they want specific information at their fingertips in a hurry because of whatever they are working on. Relaxation…