TOC Trifecta: This week’s must-reads (11/1/12)

Trusting customers, what happens if you don't, and indexes for discovery

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  1. Some common sense, please? — Joanna Cabot asks to be trusted and treated like a real person. Is that asking too much? We don’t think so.
  2. And if you don’t trust us… — We’ll take matters into our own hands. Ars Technica shows how to protect your ebook investment and, yes, it means removing the DRM.
  3. Don’t forget the index — Our next free TOC webcast takes place on November 9. Pilar Wyman will talk about why you should open your indexes to improve discoverability. Don’t miss it.
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Why an ebook still needs an index

Why an ebook still needs an index

An index in an ebook offers a level of discovery search can't touch.

Why should digital publishers invest in index creation? Because ebooks that give readers efficient ways to access what they need are ebooks that will sell.

Google Book Search Listings Now Embeddable

Titles from from Google's Book Search index can now be embedded in non-Google Web pages. From Inside Google Book Search: We're launching a set of free tools that allow retailers, publishers, and anyone with a web site to embed books from the Google Book Search index. We are also providing new ways for these sites to display full-text search results…