Why I’m drinking from the Spundge firehoses

First there were RSS feeds, then Zite, and now Spundge

Have you heard of Spundge? I hadn’t till recently but I’m glad Kristen McLean, co-chair of our Author (R)evolution Day, called my attention to it. Kat Meyer and I got a demo of their platform last week and we were both very impressed. What makes Spundge so special?

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Tagging the Real World through Barcode Apps

Mobile phones with barcode apps bring digital tools into real-world curation.

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Q&A with Hadrien Gardeur, Co-Founder of Feedbooks

Feedbooks converts, catalogs and distributes ebooks in a variety of formats. Co-founder Hadrien Gardeur discusses Feedbook's system and future services in the following Q&A.

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Q&A with Susan Danziger, CEO of DailyLit

DailyLit has made a name for itself by delivering simple book installments via email and RSS. In this Q&A, DailyLit CEO Susan Danziger discusses the company's philosophy, process, and upcoming services.

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Researchers: Government Should Build Reusable Data, Not Web Sites

In a paper going around quite rapidly, researchers argue that the government should move to emphasize structured, reusable data over solely user-facing Web portals. From Ars Technica: A new paper from researchers at Princeton University suggests a different strategy. David Robinson, Harlan Yu, William Zeller, and Ed Felten, all of Princeton's Information Technology Policy Center, suggest that government officials…

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