Sony-Google Deal Adds 500k Public Domain Books to E-Reader

Sony is adding 500,000 public domain EPUB-based titles to its Reader catalog through a partnership with Google. Paul Biba at Teleread examines Sony's rationale: Sony's apparent intent, meanwhile, beyond adding value to the Reader, will be to use public domain books in ePub to entice people to install its software and in time buy its reader devices. In the…

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Report: No Kindle Launch in UK This Year

Europe's complicated mobile landscape will prevent the Kindle from launching in the UK this year, reports The BookSeller: In an interview with The Bookseller, Brian McBride, managing director of Amazon in the UK, said it was not yet clear when the Kindle would launch in the country … "In Europe it is a minefield as there are so many…

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New Sony E-Reader Has Touchscreen, No Web Connection

Web connectivity has always been the key difference between the Kindle and Sony's Reader. With Sony's release of its third-generation e-reader, Web connectivity is still the big separator. The PRS-700 is faster and offers more storage than its predecessors, but it does not include a Wi-Fi or cellular option. The PRS-700's most notable upgrades are an LED reading light and…

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The Pitfalls of Publishing's E-Reader Guessing Game

Hunting for e-reader sales figures is a fun diversion, but the underlying ambiguity threatens to distract businesses from bigger digital issues.

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