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Budding Authors Use Espresso Book Machine to Publish

The future of print on demand might lie in personal expression. Customers at Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, VT are using the Espresso Book Machine to produce their own titles. From Vermont Public Radio:

Since it was installed, some of the store’s customers have been using the machine to produce hard-to-find books from a huge online database of titles in the public domain. But the store has discovered that the machine is most popular with would-be authors who want to turn what they’ve written into a book.

The full audio feature goes into more detail.

(Via Shelf Awareness)

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  1. i’ve been telling you all along that
    personal expression is where it’s at.

    millions of people have stories to tell.

    interesting stories, true stories,
    stories with bite, stories of their lives.

    they aren’t out to make a buck,
    they don’t even care if anyone _listens_,
    they just want to _tell_ their story…

    but the publishing houses can’t compete
    against millions of _free_ stories,
    not with their all-too-typical fare of the
    warmed-over version of what sold last year.


  2. Why is that a surprise? It shouldn’t be.

    @bowerbird: On the face of it, you’re right, publishers can’t compete with millions of free stories. What they can (and do) compete with is a few thousand wonderful stories.

    Wonderful stories are rare and so are the authors who write them. Publishers are a far more reliable source of books people actually want to read than POD.

  3. How can one acces this service?