Time Inc. Prepping Mix and Match Magazine Service

Time Inc.’s Maghound service sounds like the physical manifestation of an RSS reader. Launching in September, Maghound will allow customers to pick and swap magazine titles for a base monthly fee. From USA Today:

Customers will pay a monthly fee for home delivery of the publications they want. But unlike with subscriptions, which typically run for fixed terms, users can go online and swap one title for another whenever they want.

According to USA Today, baseline pricing will be set by the number of titles: around $5 per month for three titles, $8 for five, and $10 for seven. Some titles may incur higher charges.

In June, Folio reported that Maghound hopes to launch with 300 magazine titles.

Companies in the magazine space are showing a willingness to experiment. Barnes & Noble launched a digital/print magazine subscription service through BN.com in May, and MagCloud recently unveiled a print-on-demand system for magazine titles.

(Via Shelf Awareness)

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