Some Tasty Bits from the StartWithXML UK Survey

We’ve got some raw results from the StartWithXML survey in the UK, and they are very different in some respects from the US survey we did. Some salient points:

  • 48.7% of the respondents were in the STM market, followed by trade (24.4%) and college (16%).
  • The bulk of respondents were from large houses – 50.4% – and the rest were evenly divided between midsized and small presses.
  • Nearly 55% of the respondents considered themselves “tech-proficient.” As most of them were from production or management, this was not surprising. We did have a significant number of editorial respondents, however – 19.3%.
  • To 40.6% of our respondents, digital publishing is “very important – it informs all we do.” Meanwhile, 59.4% of respondents are grappling with its impact in their companies. Only 17.8% of respondents say that they do not focus on the downstream uses of their book content, but on the print volume alone.
  • As far as expanded editions are concerned, 53.5% of publishers say they don’t offer these. And 69.3% do not offer more than the basic ONIX marketing content (cover image, description, first chapter, table of contents) in their digital marketing efforts.
  • Over 73% of publishers do not have a formalized (formalised, if you’re in the UK) DAM system.
  • And over 50% do not maintain files in an XML format.
  • Nearly 69% of respondents have problems retrieving files from storage, and have to institute workarounds. But over 56% look at XML as a way of complementing CMS and DAM tools they have already invested in.
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