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Some Tasty Bits from the StartWithXML UK Survey

We've got some raw results from the StartWithXML survey in the UK, and they are very different in some respects from the US survey we did. Some salient points:48.7% of the respondents were in the STM market, followed by trade (24.4%) and college (16%).The bulk of respondents were from large houses – 50.4% – and the rest were evenly divided…

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CSS in an XML Workflow

At the StartWithXML Forum in New York in January, Rebecca Goldthwaite of Cengage gave a great demonstration of how Cengage uses CSS in their XML workflow. Many publishers regard style sheets as an invitation to create cookie-cutter book production, with the fear that all their books will look the same. This is emphatically a myth. Have a look at her…

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StartWithXML is Going to London

StartWithXML will be continuing in London! On September 2nd, at the British Library, we'll be conducting a one-day forum similar to the one we held in New York last January, but with a British publishing focus. Our sponsors for this event include Klopotek, MarkLogic, PLS, BIC, Publishers' Association, and of course O'Reilly. We're still in the process of firming up…

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Taxonomies and Starting With XML

This is an excerpt from a blog post I wrote last week on taxonomies and chunking. Last October, the StartWithXML team wrote a post called "To Chunk or Not To Chunk," where we discussed tagging and infrastructure issues, and a discussion ensued about what happens when you don't know what you'll be using chunks for. How do you tag those?…

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StartWithXML Research Report Now Available for Sale

If you weren't able to attend the StartWithXML Forum last month in New York, the accompanying research report is available for sale. The report covers topics like: Where am I and where do I want to end up? How much benefit do I want to obtain from content reuse and repurposing? How much work do I want to do myself?…

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New York Times Opens "Best Sellers API"

The New York Times on Tuesday opened up its "Best Sellers API," offering programmatic access to best-seller data (going back to 1930!) from the Times: The Times Best Sellers API gives you quick access to current and past best-seller lists in 11 different categories, such as Hardcover Nonfiction and Paperback Mass-Market Fiction. The initial launch offers every weekly list…

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Presentations from the StartWithXML Forum

The following slides accompanied many of the presentations during the StartWithXML forum, held Jan. 13, 2009 in New York City. XML–Why Bother? David Young, Hachette Book Group USA As Chairman and CEO of one of America's leading trade publishers, David Young presents the executive perspective on the role of XML technologies in the increasingly complex business of creating and selling…

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Coverage of StartWithXML

Turns out I was not the only one on Twitter for the StartwithXML Forum on January 13th. Joe Bachana was tweeting as well. Kind of interesting to see the posts side-by-side. David Rothman of Teleread also has some great things to say, as does Richard Curtis over at e-reads. We also got nice coverage from PW, as well as Publishers…

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BeyondPrint Offers Helpful Review of StartWithXML

A review of the StartWithXML forum and research paper supports the effort but questions why we are silent on the quality of XML tools.

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Slides from "Essential Tools of an XML Workflow" Webcast

Laura Dawson has made her slides available from the recent TOC Webcast, "Essential Tools of an XML Workflow." A complete recording of the event will be posted here soon. View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: xml swxml)…

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