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"Lightweight" DRM isn't the answer

O'Reilly responds to the IDPF's request for comments on a new form of DRM.

In this open letter to the IDPF's Executive Director, Bill McCoy, O'Reilly GM & Publisher Joe Wikert explains why a DRM-free approach is far better than any "lightweight" DRM option.

DRM-Free Day, forever.

DRM-Free Day, forever.

Authors and publishers need to get creative with piracy. DRM isn't the answer.

Mike Hendrickson: "Adding DRM to content to deter theft … are you kidding me? Seriously, think about that. It will take a good programmer about an hour to get past most DRM, or a manual shop somewhere in the world will cut and scan the physical book and away it goes."

An expert view of unicorns and digital rights management

Kirk Biglione is a digital rights management (DRM) historian who brings a clear-eyed perspective to an inflammatory topic. While others jump on soapboxes, he actually does the homework. Case in point: Biglione’s in-depth look at the music industry’s stormy history with DRM.

Point-Counterpoint: Digital Book DRM, the Least Worst Solution

In the second part of a point-counterpoint exchange, Bill McCoy examines two scenarios: a publishing industry that doesn't embrace interoperable DRM, and one that does.

Point-Counterpoint: On Digital Book DRM

In the first part of a point-counterpoint exchange, Peter Brantley outlines reasons why DRM is bad for book publishers.

The Analog Hole: Another Argument Against DRM

No matter how strong the encryption, digital rights management can't block "analog hole" piracy.

"Spore" Backlash: Is DRM Officially Bad for Business?

Strict digital rights management may limit long-term development of "Spore's" user base.

Rhapsody Courts Apple Crowd with DRM-Free MP3s

Rhapsody, a digital music subscription service, is now offering MP3 downloads with no digital rights management (DRM) restrictions. Rhapsody's subscription service remains under digital rights protection, but Reuters says the company is looking to expand its reach into the Apple-dominated music sector by making its downloads compatible with iPods. Amazon, Wal-Mart and Napster also offer DRM-free MP3 downloads, but…