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Five key takeaways from TOC NY 2013

It's still early, startups rule, and ecommerce follows community

TOC NY 2013 is a wrap and based on the feedback I’ve received so far I think it was one of our best. When Kat and I closed the event Thursday afternoon we both shared thoughts on the most important points we came away with. If you weren’t able to join us last week, here are my top five lessons learned and discussed at TOC NY 2013:

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Publishing Models for Internet Commerce

Last week I pointed to a 1994 interview Tim O'Reilly did that touched on the impact the Web would have on publishing. A nice contemporary companion is this 1995 paper titled "Publishing Models for Internet Commerce" that remains relevant (perhaps more so) today: In an information glut, it is not content but context that is king. Someone chooses the…

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News Roundup: Kindle Price Drop and Rough Title Figures, Borders Goes Solo on New Web Site, Long-Term Google Questions

Kindle Bits: Price Drop and Rough Title Sales Figures Speaking at the D6 Conference, Jeff Bezos offered a glimpse into the Kindle's sales impact. From D6 Highlights: On a title-by-title basis, [Bezos] says, Kindle unit sales now account for more than 6% of Amazon book sales for the 120,000 titles that are available on Kindle. Amazon has also dropped…

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Borders Goes Solo on New Web Site

Borders has separated its e-commerce offerings from Amazon and opened its own Web site. From the New York Times: The new Borders site offers plenty to like, such as the Flash video-based "magic shelf" on the main page that recreates the experience of browsing the tables of new books at the entrance to stores. The site also ties in…

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