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Newbie author rediscovers his natural aversion to all things bureaucratic

The shift from writing to platform-building as book launch approaches

Last week I talked about putting pen to paper, or keystrokes to Microsoft Word, and all the behind the scenes work that involved. When I felt I had no clue what I was doing, I remembered what my developmental editor told me. Don’t judge and don’t stop, so I didn’t judge and I didn’t stop.

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Perseus Targets Small Publishers with Digital Services Suite

Perseus Book Group’s new Constellation service offers independent publishers a conduit to digital formats and platforms. From the New York Times: The companies involved in the deal include Google, for its Google Book Search feature; Amazon, for its Kindle electronic reader; Sony, for its Sony Reader; Barnes & Noble, for its “See Inside” feature on its Web site; and…

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Open Question: What is the Best Use for Print on Demand?

Is print on demand best suited for short print runs and Long Tail plays, or can it be used for more? Come share your thoughts on POD.

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Targeting Small Companies with Small Products

Bill Taylor's short profile of 37 Signals looks at the upside of building small products for small companies: Most technology companies are obsessed with the "enterprise" market — Fortune 500 giants with complicated problems and big budgets. 37Signals builds software for entrepreneurs and small companies where the executives who buy the product also use the product — a market…

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Path to Web Retail Getting Easier for Independent Music Labels

This is an interesting story from the music world. The implication is that the barrier to retail is dropping in music, which has different hurdles than publishing. The Independent Online Distribution Alliance, better known as IODA, launched itself in 2003 to help independent labels, artists and others in the music industry make the leap from physical to digital. One…

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Amazon POD: Friend or Foe to Indie Publishers?

An interesting editorial by Lloyd Jassin from the NY Center for Independent Publishing relating to the Amazon print-on-demand (POD) move: Physical distribution of books is largely the preserve of large conglomerate publishers and a handful of large independent distributors. It’s not a pretty business. It employs the equivalent of Yankee peddlers who hand-sell books to brick and mortar stores, with…

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