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What's Really Killing Newspapers (Jack Shafer, Slate) Other institutions do far better jobs at issuing social currency these days. What is Facebook but the Federal Reserve Bank of social currency? And it's all social currency you can use! Like cocktail chatter, a Facebook posting–be it a link, a list, a photo, or travel plans–conveys the message, I am here….

Guardian Blazes New Media Trail with paidContent.org Acquisition

According to Kara Swisher, The Guardian Media Group has purchased ContentNext, publisher of paidContent.org, for more than $30 million. ReadWriteWeb says this acquisition and separate open-data initiatives have pushed The Guardian to the head of the media pack: What do you get when you combine cutting edge tech openness with some of the leading new media publishers online? A kick…

Web Confusion Hinders Newspaper Ad Sales

Newspaper sales teams are having a rough time explaining Web advertising's value proposition to customers. From MarketWatch: … newspaper ad sales forces have sometimes had difficulty in explaining the logistics and benefits of online ads to traditional media buyers. Newspapers are trying to sell Internet advertising to some clients who had not been users of print ads in the…

Content Owners and Consumers Need Digital Quid Pro Quo

Digital delivery requires concessions from content owners and consumers — but both sides must be mindful of going too far.

The Rise of "Found" Media

Alissa Quart's editorial in the Columbia Journalism Review compares "Lost Media" (magazines, newspapers) with "Found Media" (blogs, Web efforts, etc.), and how different generations interpret journalism's current standing: Right now, journalism is more or less divided into two camps, which I will call Lost Media and Found Media. I went to the Nieman conference partially because I wanted to…

Glimmer of Positivity in Media Industry Analysis

Subtle examples of digital innovation and positive perspectives are emerging in media industry reports. These same elements could benefit book publishing.