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Could a Young Newspaper Company Still Succeed?

The Internet is usually fingered as the key disruptor for newspapers, but could change also come from leaner, smaller and younger print publications? James Erik Abels mulls this over at Forbes.com The newspaper industry's cost structure, staffing and share price are based on an outdated business model that continues to define financial expectations. So the goal would be to slough…

Sulzberger: "Be of the Internet, Not on the Internet"

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. indicates he is willing to consider radical change to continue the New York Times' relevance in the digital age. From News.com: Sulzberger would brand this not as a crisis, but rather as change that requires adaptation. "It's important for traditional companies to adopt strategies that enable us to be of the Internet, not on the Internet,"…

An On-Demand Night at the Opera

The Metropolitan Opera is letting its inner geek run free. Performances will soon be available as pay-per-stream feeds and subscription packages through The Met's Web site. From the New York Times: For $3.99 or $4.99 per streamed opera, users will have a six-hour window in which to listen to or watch a production, once it has started. A monthly…

Overestimating the Home Page

Brett Crosby from Google Analytics says a home page is often mistaken as the most important part of a Web site. From TechRadar: Where are your visitors landing, bouncing, and viewing? It's often assumed user experience begins on the homepage, and this misconception drives many an ecommerce site to waste hours of design work in the wrong place. Search engines…

Publishers Rush Economic Crisis Books

The Economist says book publishers are rushing to cash in on the economic turmoil bubbling up across world markets: Like any good bank in the pre-crash days, some publishers are splashing out to secure talent. Penguin's American arm has been particularly eager, bagging four inky-fingered "stars" in the past month, reportedly at a cost of over $2m in advances….

Getting Some Perspective on Cloud Computing

Wholesale dismissal of the cloud is just as detrimental as wholesale commitment.

Finding Balance Between User Experience and Web Ads

Google's ad model may be difficult to duplicate technologically, but the system's balance between users and advertisers is something all Web advertising projects should strive for.

Open Question: How Do You Use Web Video?

Joost and other Web video services are searching for the right combination of technology and content, but are they headed in the right direction? How do you use Web video? What do you want to see? Please share your thoughts.

Twitter Tips for Publishers

Mark Bertils makes the case for Twitter use and offers eight tips for tweeting publishers. From Index // mb: For a minimal investment of time, you can ping a heap of people. Why wouldn't a book publisher want to do that? Truth is, most already do. Email newsletters blast-out to book readers from all over. Publishers' feeds and podcasts…

Levels of Quality and Revenue Streams

A mix of low and high-quality digital formats could increase awareness and satisfy consumer and advertiser demand.